History of ICADV

ICADV was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1980 and established a new organizational structure that created a well-defined Board of Directors in 1982.

In 1983, the Board of Directors of ICADV hired its first staff to administer a project designed to develop shelter standards, a uniform data collection system and a statewide plan for domestic violence services.

In 1984, the Women of Color Task Force was established and in 1985, the Formerly Battered Women’s Task Force was established.

In 1988, due to declining Federal and State funds, ICADV membership delegated the task of the business operations to the ICADV Board of Directors.  As a result, ICADV returned to a grass-roots organization.

In 1992, ICADV was able to hire a part-time assistant to help with financial development, technical assistance to the membership, and board support.  In 1994, ICADV hired a full-time Executive Director because of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act that designated direct funds to all state coalitions.

In 1994, ICADV opened an official office in Indianapolis and in 1996 shared space with the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

In 1996 ICADV hired a part-time Development Director to further identify funding opportunities for the coalition. In May 1996, ICADV membership became a governance-based organization and developed and adopted new by-laws. ICADV also partnered with INCASA to develop and implement the Sexual Assault Protocol and Judge/Prosecutor Cross Training Project.

During 1997 ICADV expanded staff to include a Membership Director and Office Manager.  The Indiana Victim Assistance Network (IVAN) opened a statewide office and shared space with ICADV.  The Indiana Resource and Training Institute on Violence against Women was opened as a joint project with INCASA.

In 1998, ICADV hired a full-time Development Director and a part-time Grant Administrator.

In 1998, ICADV developed and implemented a domestic violence training program at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in collaboration with Mike McCarty

In 1998, ICADV implemented a substance abuse and mental health training for all member programs.

In 1998 ICADV developed a website and Trademarked the ICADV logo.

In 1999, ICADV conducted its first annual funding event, a Father’s Day Campaign with member programs, and expanded statewide network.

In 1999, ICADV conducted its first annual silent auction in conjunction with the annual conference.

In 2000, ICADV expanded office, and collaborated on the Call to Protect and 2 Try 911 projects.

In 2000, for the ICADV 20th anniversary, squares created by survivors, children and domestic violence programs were assembled to make a quilt which now hangs in the ICADV office.

In 2001 ICADV moved to new a new location, partnered with Domestic Violence Network and the Indiana State Medical Association Domestic Violence committee on public awareness activities, and partnered with the Indiana Legal Services Organization on a Civil Legal Assistance project.

In 2001, ICADV adopted statewide Batterers’ Intervention Program Standards and began certifying programs statewide.

In 2002 ICADV redesigned all organizational brochures to create a uniform/branded look.

In 2003 ICADV was selected as the Indiana Beta Sigma Phi State Project for the upcoming four (4) year period.

In 2004 ICADV became fiscal agent for the Indiana COPS program funded through the Department of Justice.

In 2004 ICADV conducted its first annual Tenderness Tour Run, Walk and Roll event.

In 2004 ICADV developed the Indiana Silent Witness Exhibit.

In 2005, ICADV conducted a 25th anniversary event at the Indianapolis Arts Garden and documented our history and the domestic violence movement in Indiana.

In 2006, ICADV formed a Menswork committee to involve men in the antiviolence movement.

In 2007, ICADV revised the Batterers’ Intervention Program Standards, developed training curriculum and conducted a statewide train-the-trainer for Batterers’ Intervention Program Facilitators.

In 2007, ICADV established a communications and public awareness department and hired a communications director.

In August 2007, ICADV merged with the Protective Order Pro Bono Project of Greater Indianapolis.