Sexual Assault Awareness Month – Knowledge is Power

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the more we know and understand about sexual assault and its effects, the better prepared we are to help and empower survivors. To encourage and support that understanding, ICADV is highlighting three national resources for online training in all areas of sexual assault. Please check out our Webinar Archives page and look at the Sexual Assault Awareness section for links and more information.

It’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and ICADV is rebranding the month as Teen Dating Violence ACTION Month. Throughout the month, ICADV and the ICADV Youth Council will be posting suggested prevention activities on our Facebook pages (LIKE us on your Facebook page). For some of you, actions like these will already be part of your routine—if that is the case for you, we hope that you will use this month to spread these behaviors with your family, friends and colleagues. We encourage you to ENGAGE in the identified actions, COMMENT on them, and SHARE them with your networks. Because by promoting respectful behaviors, we can make fair and compassionate treatment the easy and expected choice in our relationships and communities. Thanks for using your influence and ACTION to promote respectful relationships!