ICADV 31st Annual Conference registration now open

brochure cover 2013

brochure cover 2013ICADV will host our 31st Annual Fall Conference on October 29 & 30, 2013 at the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel & Conference Center.  We are excited to welcome Lisa Gilmore, nationally recognized activist and speaker, as our keynote speaker.  Ms. Gilmore’s address will focus on the idea of balancing and reconnecting our commitments and responsibilities as advocates with our passion and dedication to the ideal of ending intimate partner violence.  Ms. Gilmore will also present three workshops during the conference addressing deepening our commitment to the greater anti-violence movement, as well improving services to members of the LGBTQI community.

The conference agenda is extended this year, allowing us to present more workshops than ever before, a total of 32. 

This year’s conference theme, Take it personally; Serving all Survivors, centers around the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 and all of the new provisions it brings with it.  We have workshops  focused on many marginalized communities, including LGBTQ, immigrants/refugees, and Native Americans.  And, we are examining services across the spectrum from prevention to intervention.  This will truly be two very educational days.

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Protective Order Pro Bono Project moves to Center for Victim and Human Rights

ICADV is happy to announce that the Center for Victim and Human Rights has taken on the Protective Order Pro Bono Project that has been within ICADV since 2007. Moving the legal services to CVHR is a good fit. It is an organization with a history of working one-on-one with victims to help them navigate the legal system. “We are honored to be the next stewards of this project and advance the legacy of the ICADV Protective Order Pro Bono Project of providing safety for victims of domestic violence,” said Raio Krishnayya, executive director of CVHR. To view the news release click here.

Indiana Legislature Passes Bullying Law

On June 4 HEA 1423 became law in Indiana. This bullying law is important for prevention educators because bullying prevention work has frequently provided partnerships with schools that have enabled further work around teen dating violence prevention. Additionally, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have described a developmental pathway between bullying behavior in youth and sexually abusive behaviors in adolescence (Espelage, Basile and Hamburger, 2012. Journal of Adolescent Health). Essentially, working with schools to promote respectful relationship behaviors and to prevent bullying from an early age fits with our work to prevent teen dating abuse and sexual abuse among older students.

     Unlike Heather’s Law that required the Department of Education to identify curricula and policy models but did not require action on the part of schools, the new bullying law requires that schools implement bullying prevention education for students in grades 1-12, conduct training for all school staff and volunteers, adopt investigatory procedures, enact disciplinary guidelines for those who bully, provide supportive services to targets, and track incidents of bullying over the course of each school year.  

     Strategies like these that involve multiple interventions at the individual, relationship, organizational and community levels align with what we know about what works in prevention and can contribute to a school climate where abusive behaviors just doesn’t work. It is also important to note that this bullying legislation adds protections based on behaviors defined as bullying, but does not subtract protections from harassment guaranteed through federal education laws like Title IX for protected statuses including sex, gender, race, or ethnicity.

New OnStar Feature Makes Stalking Easier

picture of stalking

A new service available to all OnStar customers  could make it even easier for abusive partners to track their survivors.  Family Link, a new add-on service for OnStar subscribers, not only allows real-time tracking at street level, but also allows subscribers to schedule email or text alerts to update them on the location of their vehicle at specific dates and times.

For an additional $3.99 per month, subscribers can add the service to an existing OnStar account on factory-installed systems.  Once active, vehicle owners are immediately able to use the system in the same way that law enforcement does without filing a police report. Using the Family Link website, they can pull up the exact location of the car at any time, as well as have the system itself inform them of the car’s (and thus driver’s) whereabouts.  The product, as is common, is marketed primarily to parents of teens,.  However, even the creators of the system acknowledge that the potential for misuse is present.

For advocates, it is important to be aware of this service, particularly if your shelter or advocacy agency is an undisclosed location.  Just as we safety plan around GPS in cell phones, it may be wise to begin asking about the cars survivors bring to shelter with them, as well.  If the car is equipped with OnStar, some immediate safety steps need to be taken.  First, the survivor can make contact with OnStar and ask that their account be password protected, ie no information about the vehicle or its’ whereabouts can be released without the proper password.  If the survivor is comfortable with it, the account can be cancelled altogether.  However, be aware that that does not remove the GPS capability from the car.  In cases with high lethality risk, taking the vehicle to a shop to have the system itself physically disabled may be the best course of action.


No More Campaign

Partners Collaborate To Launch Indiana Says NO MORE Campaign

 Indianapolis, Indiana – (September 7, 2012) Several  partners across the state of Indiana announced the launch of the Indiana Says NO MORE campaign, a movement centered on a powerful new symbol that brings people of all backgrounds together with the same desire to end domestic violence and sexual assault in Indiana.


The goal of the NO MORE brand is to symbolize hope, while being recognized universally in the fight to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Indiana Says NO MORE highlights and harnesses the power of the companies and organizations that make up our community – a dynamic community filled with people committed to making the world a better place,” said Julie Marsh, CEO of the Domestic Violence Network.  “We want to spark dialogue and move the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault higher on the public’s agenda.”

Specific partners have sacrificed their time and abilities to assist in the launch of the Indiana Says NO MORE campaign. Indianapolis ad firm, redwall LIVE, sponsored the cause by managing the campaign and producing the PSA, website and other marketing materials. The campaign was directed by The Domestic Violence Network (DVN), The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), and The Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA).

“We are thrilled with the tremendous outpouring of support for the Indiana Says No More campaign,” said Marsh.  “It is our hope that the Indiana Says NO MORE campaign will ignite a strong sense of engagement within the community because it is absolutely true that together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.

About The Domestic Violence Network
The Domestic Violence Network exists to increase collaboration among many groups in an effort to end domestic violence.    DVN functions to assist direct service organizations, grassroots organizations, public agencies, and businesses do an even better job of helping those impacted by domestic violence through advocacy, education and collaboration.

About The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

ICADV works to eliminate domestic violence through the implementation of prevention programs. Until the violence is ended, ICADV works to promote, strengthen and provide quality comprehensive services for member programs and all individuals affected by domestic violence across the state.


About The Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault

INCASA exists to provide education, advocacy and support to professionals, communities and survivors regarding sexual violence in Indiana.


About redwall LIVE

Redwall LIVE is a marketing and advertising company that helps great companies achieve greater results by providing marketing innovations built to last.

For more information about the Indiana Says No More campaign and how you can be involved, please visit indianasaysnomore.com.