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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Services


ICADV staff provide direct domestic violence advocacy services to survivors who are Deaf and hard of hearing in Indiana. Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Coordinator coordinates resources and critical community connections for survivors. Our coordinator is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). ICADV works to connect survivors to a network of legal assistance and help move from surviving to thriving.


PH : 13176446206
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Coordinator
Holly Elkins


This collaborative project brings together the Indiana School of the Deaf , ICADV staff, and other partners to examine, evaluate, and explore strategies that will strengthen the school’s Safe School Initiative. The goal is reduce and prevent bullying and other forms of violence throughout the campus by providing the school with valuable tools and resources, technical assistance, and policy development. The overall outcome is to use concrete and actionable steps to shift the paradigm and school culture towards a more compassionate and respectful school-wide environment for everyone.


Across their lifespan, people with disabilities experience a higher incidence of domestic violence than their non-disabled peers. Deaf and hard of hearing survivors face additional communication barriers. In order to address these disparities and service gaps, ICADV provides collaborative support to program members in assessing their capacity to serve those survivors. Evaluative consultations, accessibility review process, report findings, and the development of disability-specific resources are some of the services provided to member programs.



ICADV, in partnership with DeafALIVE, produces educational videos in ASL with English subtitles on a variety of topics related to domestic violence and sexual violence. These videos were made with the deliberate intention to be easily accessible and viewable for Deaf and hard of hearing people. The videos can be viewed on ICADV’s and DeafALIVE’s websites and social media.


Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Coordinator provides technical assistance, consultations, and resources for member programs throughout Indiana on a variety of disability-related topics. This includes: American with Disabilities Act (ADA), fair housing regulations, domestic support animals, resources for legal compliance officers, and more.



Tailored trainings are offered to our member programs, regional conferences, and the general public on how to effectively work with survivors who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Regional training and conference content covers a broad spectrum of topics such as an agency’s legal obligation to provide communication access, unique dynamics in the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, communication protocols, and more. Periodical trainings are offered to professional ASL interpreters on trauma-informed interpretation process. To schedule a training, contact ICADV.

ASL Videos

More videos soon!

We have more content coming!

More videos soon!

We have more content coming!

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