For victims of domestic violence

  • Obtaining a protective order is often a necessary step for victims to break free from domestic violence, yet the civil process can be difficult. To help victims navigate the legal system, the Protective Order Pro Bono Project offers legal help in and out of court…and it’s free for those who qualify.

 For information contact the Center for Victim and Human Rights. To be considered for free legal help, complete the intake questionnaire online.

  • One of the biggest challenges is finding competent and affordable legal assistance when you decide to leave an abuser. But there is help. To find an attorney in your area, contact the local bar association in your county. For a complete contact list, click here.
  • In 2013-2014, ICADV will be working with the Indiana Pro Bono Commission to train the pro bono volunteers it recruits to effectively work for and on behalf of low income survivors of domestic violence in their civil cases. To find out more about the Indiana Pro Bono Commission and its 12 Districts, and to find out what district you are in and how to  apply for services, click here.
  • Not all legal cases require representation. If you are interested in learning more about going to court and representing yourself (also called “pro se” representation), click here.
  • For general,  limited legal information and advice, ICADV Legal Counsel Kerry Hyatt Blomquist, JD  works with member programs and the clients they represent.

For advocates

ICADV can help you with training. If you are interested in setting up a training for your organization or others in your community who work with victims of domestic violence, email ICADV staff attorney Kerry Hyatt Blomquist.

Other assistance:

For lawyers and judges

Pleadings, Info and Pro Se Forms

Recent domestic violence court decisions


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