Legal Resource Project

The ICADV Legal Resource Project addresses the legal issues battered women and their families face every day. As one former American Bar Association commission director has offered, to be a practicing lawyer in the United States and not screen for domestic abuse is to arguably commit malpractice. Domestic and intimate partner violence affects many if not most areas of law: Family and criminal law, poverty and benefits law, employment law, property and tenancy law, immigration law and many areas of federal law. For providers working every day with survivors of abuse, having a resource for this critical information is essential to help clients in the most efficient way possible.

Free services the ICADV Legal Resource Project offers include:

  • Legal technical assistance for lawyers and judges on areas of concern to survivors.
  • Direct legal services in a limited capacity in high lethality and high profile cases.
  • Extensive training on legal issues of importance for lawyers, judges and domestic violence advocates.
  • Information for Indiana legislators on possible legislation and how it affects their constituent victims and their families.
  • Expert testimony on the issue of domestic violence and how it impacts individuals, children, families and society in general.
  • Information and direct assistance with Indiana’s Protective Order Registry in collaboration with the Indiana Supreme Court’s JTAC program

Healthcare: ICADV collaborates with IU Health to work with victims of violence to “triage” both medically and legally. Now health care providers can and do refer victims of violence to ICADV for immediate attention to their emergency legal needs.

 Paternity: Look at our brochure on Establishing Paternity in High Conflict Situations.