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Teen dating violence facts

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Modeling healthy relationships

Every parent wants to see their child involved in relationships that are healthy, fun, and safe.  We want our kids to be surrounded by people who respect them and support them.  To think that this might not be the case in every teen’s dating relationships is a troubling thought.  But teen dating violence is a serious problem—in fact, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in four adolescents report some kind of abuse from a dating partner each year.  The good news is that you can play a role in ending abuse.  It’s great that you want to learn the facts about dating violence so that you can talk to your own kids about healthy relationships.

When we think of domestic or intimate partner violence, we usually think of abuse taking place in relationships where the abuser and victim are married or living with each other.  But relationship abuse can happen in couples who don’t live with each other, as is usually the case in teen dating violence.  This doesn’t mean that teen dating violence is any less severe than other types of domestic violence, and survivors of dating violence may still experience long-lasting consequences from the abuse.