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ICADV offers many educational reports, brochures and other print materials.

  • Family Violence Reference Handbook 2012 is a pocket guide for law enforcement officers to help them comply with Indiana code when they respond to a domestic violence situation. Click here to download the pdf version.
  • ICADV is in the process of making updated brochures available online for free download. Click here for the available brochures.


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Acrylic Hotline Card Holder

$10.00 ea plus shipping for members, $12 ea plus shipping for non-members

Hotline Cards English

Hotline Cards Spanish

Children are Watching - Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (English)

Children are Watching - Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (Spanish)

Children are Watching - Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (Punjabi)

Family Violence Reference Handbook (Yellow Book)

Family Violence Later in Life (English)

Full Faith and Credit - An Advocate's Guide

He Has His Mother’s Eyes Poster

Indiana Resource Directory – 2014 (limit 5)

Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ+ Community

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/It Happens Here (Spanish)

Membership Brochure

Protective Orders for Law Enforcement

Protective Orders-Assisting Survivors (English)

Protective Orders-Assisting Victims (Spanish)

Protective Orders-Assisting Victims (Punjabi)

Safety Card (formerly Recipe for Safety card)

Safety Card (Spanish)

Stalking Fact Sheet/ What Is Stalking? (limit 5)

State-Wide Toll-Free Hotline Bumper Sticker

Teen Dating Violence (English)

Teen Dating Violence (Spanish)

To Have a Healthy Baby (English)

To Have a Healthy Baby (Spanish)

What is Domestic Violence

ICADV D.V. Purple Ribbons (Lapel Pins)

$1.00 ea

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