Take Action

To help prevent and end domestic violence in Indiana, you can:

  • Make a donation.
  • Become a member.
  • Join a committee.
  • Donate to Skivvies for Kiddies.
  • Talk to a friend/children about domestic violence/dating violence
  • Donate a used cell phone.
  • Encourage men to speak out against domestic violence because it affects them too.
  • Educate yourself, your friends and your family about the warning signs of domestic violence.
  • Educate others and encourage them to talk to someone they suspect is in a violent relationship. Domestic violence is a crime, not a private family matter.
  • Register to vote and support candidates who are strong on domestic violence issues.  Let them know you care about this issue and that you plan to support the candidate who is strong on domestic violence issues. Find out who your state legislators are by clicking here.