Join A Committee

Your active involvement in the Coalition benefits all communities, providers and survivors. Please indicate how you would like to become more involved through the following committees/task groups:

  • Conference Committee: A multi-disciplinary committee responsible for planning all aspects of ICADV’s Annual Fall Conference.
  • Empowering Legal Assistance (ELA) Committee: Responsible for 1) facilitating effective pro se representation and working to form a pro bono attorney network for survivors statewide to increase access to justice for survivors; and 2) increasing available legal assistance to marginalized populations, with an emphasis on rural immigrant victims of abuse. Meets quarterly.
  • Events Committee: Responsible for supporting the ICADV Board of Directors with the future financial health of ICADV through the development and implementation of events designed to raise funds for the organization. The committee will coordinate events with the Board Resource Development and the Public Relations Committees.
  • Public Relations Committee: Develop, approve and implement a comprehensive awareness and engagement campaign. It will include goals to drive engagement of all audiences, maintain consistent messages and deliver the core message of why we exist and what we do.
  • Resource Development Committee: Responsible for creating and running fund development strategies to ensure the financial health of ICADV. The Committee may include members of ICADV’s board and staff, plus volunteers. The Resource Development Committee will emphasize external relations. The Committee will seek support primarily from non-government sources for ICADV’s general operations and high-impact initiatives.

If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please email your name and contact information, including phone number, to ICADV.