Sample trainings available

ICADV provides many opportunities for training each year.  Here are brief descriptions of some – there are many more, including our annual 2-day state conference each October. For more information email Training Coordinator Caryn Burton.

  • Dynamics of Domestic Violence  Essentially Domestic Violence 101.  Perfect as a basic staff training or as an introduction to the issues encompassed in domestic violence, this training can be highly specialized dependant upon the audience.  Minimum time is 1 hour, but it can be expanded to a full-day (6-8 hour) format.  Focus includes understanding the statistics, power & control dynamics, myths and stereotypes around survivors and batterers, red flags, and strategies in assisting families effected.
  • TechSafety for Advocates & Survivors  The internet, Smart phones, email, GPS systems.  All of these things make our lives easier and connect us in ways we never thought possible.  However, just as these inventions can be used for the greater good, they can also be used to harass, stalk, threaten and harm. This training focuses on understanding the tools available to all of us, how those tools can be used in domestic and dating violence, and how to protect ourselves from harm.
  • Providing Questions to Answers; Implementing a Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team  For counties considering or ready to implement a DV Fatality Review Team, this training reviews the history of Fatality Review Teams, examines the legislation enacted in Indiana, walks through the creation, implementation and administration of a team, and examines the challenges and victories of teams already active in Indiana.  Through the training, we also look at the responsibilities of ICADV in supporting active teams, and how active teams work together across the state.
  • Implementing the Lethality Assessment Project  The LAP is a two-pronged intervention process that features a research-based lethality screening tool based on the work of Dr Jacqueline Campbell and an accompanying referral protocol that provides opportunity for first responders to immediately link survivors with advocacy programs. The LAP training walks through implementation of necessary collaborations, trains first responders and advocates on the protocol, addresses the data tracking and reporting requirements, and examines the challenges and victories currently active jurisdictions have encountered.
  • Law Enforcement & Domestic Violence  This is a specialized training specifically addressing the training needs of law enforcement officers and agencies around domestic violence.  Facilitated by Dottie Davis, a Deputy Chief with the Ft Wayne Police Department with over 20 years in law enforcement, this training can be specifically tailored to address the needs of your community or jurisdiction.  Possible topics include predominant vs primary aggressor, liability issues, legislative updates and how they effect law enforcement, as well as many others.  Interested agencies can contact the Coalition to make arrangements focused on their training needs.
  • Stepping on the Path  ICADV’s basic advocacy skills training, this is offered at different times throughout the year based upon demand and funding.  This 20-hour training covers a variety of topics required by Peer Review staff training standards for all advocates.  Topics include dynamics of domestic violence, understanding legal implications of dv, working with law enforcement and working with culturally diverse populations.