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ICADV Prevention Institute
June 30 – July 2, 2015; Indiana Community Action Assoc, Indianapolis, IN

ICADV’s prevention team will be convening our 5th annual Prevention Institute on July 1st and 2nd. On July 1st, we will discuss cultural narratives and identify ways in which the dominant narrative enables abuse and confounds prevention efforts. On July 2nd, we will begin to work together to generate communication strategies grounded in an alternative narrative that supports respectful relationships. We will also share ideas about effective prevention efforts underway around the state. The Institute will run from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm both Wednesday and Thursday.

Additionally, we will conduct an optional Pre-Institute from 1-5 pm on June 30th providing an overview of primary prevention concepts for new prevention professionals and for any veterans interested in joining in that conversation about the fundamentals.

Learning objectives:
Prevention Institute:
• Participants will be able to identify elements in the dominant cultural narrative that enable abuse and confound prevention efforts
• Participants will begin to develop new messaging and strategies grounded in an alternative prevention narrative
• Participants will have increased knowledge of prevention strategies being employed by agencies around the state
• Participants will have increased connections with professionals engaged in prevention work from across the state

• Participants will have an increased understanding of the public health approach to violence prevention
• Participants will be able to identify primary prevention strategies at multiple levels of the social ecology

LOCATION: Indiana Community Action Assoc, 1845 W 18th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202.



If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact Colleen Yeakle or Marie Kellemen at ICADV at 317-917-3685.


Sexual Assault Advocacy Services Training
July 6 – 24, 2015 (See detailed schedule below)

The goal of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Services Training is to fundamentally prepare advocates working solely or primarily with victims / survivors of sexual violence to provide the best possible services. The SAAST is a revised version of INCASA’s Core 40 Training and will give advocates a basic understanding of the laws, services, and resources critical to helping victims of sexual violence. It will address basic advocacy skills such as communication, crisis management, ethical interactions, cultural competence and self-care. We will also explore crucial programs and services for the clients you serve.
The Sexual Assault Advocacy Services Training is being done in two parts. First, a series of webinars will be facilitated by multiple presenters covering the fundamentals of understanding the dynamics of sexual assault, and the basic services available to help victims / survivors. Part two is a 3-day intensive training that will explore the skills critical to all advocates, the collaborations and communities with which advocates will work, and how victims / survivors respond to the trauma of victimization. To satisfactorily complete the full training, participants must complete all 7 webinars as well as attend all 3 days of the experiential training. Registration links for each webinar and for the in-person training are below. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Caryn Burton, ICADV training coordinator.

The entire training is FREE.
During the in-person experiential training, lunch will be on your own. A reduced rate room block has been secured at the Sleep Inn & Suites, 1244 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. The room rates are as follows: Single w/ a King bed 86.99 + Tax, and Double w/ Two Queen beds 91.99 + Tax. To reserve a room as a part of this block, contact the Sleep Inn directly at 317-653-1854 and let them know you are with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Webinar Series:
July 6, 2015      2 – 4 pm      The History of Sexual Violence Movement; Understanding the Different Types of Sexual Assault
Click here to register for Webinar 1

July 8, 2015       2 – 4 pm      Rape Myths & Stigmas
Click here to register for Webinar 2

July 10, 2015      2 – 4 pm      Sex Crime Statutes
Click here to register for Webinar 3

July 13, 2015      2 – 4 pm      Ethics in Victim / Survivor Services
Click here to register for Webinar 4

July 15, 2015      2 – 4 pm      Tools of the Trade: Crime Victim Compensation and the Sex Offender Registry
Click here to register for Webinar 5

July 17, 2015      2 – 4 pm      OfPs, NCOs, and Other Stay-Away Orders
Click here to register for Webinar 6

July 20, 2015      2 – 4 pm      Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence
Click here to register for Webinar 7

In Person Training:
Wednesday – Friday, July 22 – 24, 2015

~July 22, 2015      9 am – 5 pm                Role of the Victim Advocate, Crisis Intervention Skills, Communication, Skills, Working with the Empowerment Model, Understanding Victim
Rights, Confidentiality, VAWA Compliance, Collaborating with Community Partners.

~July 23, 2015      8:30 am – 5 pm         Medical Care & Service for Victims, Survivor Response to Trauma, Working with Law Enforcement, Sexual Assault on University Campuses.

~July 24, 2015      8:30 am – 4:30 pm   Survivor Response to Trauma, Impact on Family, Avoiding Secondary Trauma & Burnout, Cultural Competence in Advocacy.
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WEBINAR: Human Trafficking; A Deeper Look (Pt 2 of 2)
Wednesday, July 15; 10 – 11:30 am
Abigail Kuzma, Chief Counsel for the Indiana Attorney General’s Victim Services & Outreach Division, will join ICADV for the second of a two part series. In this class participants will learn about the impact of trauma to victims, and how victims of human trafficking differ from those of other crimes. Issues of services to victims, trauma, and more extensive and in-depth training on all of the topics discussed in the first class will be explored. The class will also focus on changes in the law which occurred in the most recent legislative session and possible upcoming legislation for the coming year. To register click here.

* To view Part 1 of the Human Trafficking webinar series prior to participating in Pt 2, please visit our webinar archive page.

WEBINAR: Advancing Indiana’s Fatality Review Initiative
Tuesday, June 30; 2 – 3:30 pm
Indiana has had a statewide Fatality Review statute since 2003, but hosts only 7 active teams across the state. As a part of Indiana’s focus on homicide reduction, ICADV stands strongly behind fatality review as a key part of a coordinated community response aimed at reducing dv homicides in Indiana. This webinar will review the key tenets of fatality review, examine what is required to implement a county or regional team in your area, and lay the groundwork for possible partnership leading to implementation. To register click here.

2015 Directors’ Institute Training Series~ UPDATED AGENDA
This series is focused on new agency and program directors, but we welcome all to attend. Wisdom and expertise are gained not only through direct learning, but also by shared experience. The goal is to help all directors feel comfortable in your their role and develop a support network with others throughout the state. Depending on your previous experience, you may choose one or all of the sessions. It is strongly encouraged that at least two members of the leadership team from your agency attend so knowledge gained is not lost if a one person leaves.All sessions will be hosted at the Indiana Community Action Association, 1845 W 18th St, Indianapolis, IN (across the lot from ICADV) in Conference Room A. Registration is required so that we can get an accurate count. To register, simply follow the link below and select each session that you plan to attend. Click here to register

June 26, 2015 – 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. EST – ICADV, Indianapolis IN
This session will provide you with a basic understanding of nonprofit finance. Presented by Jessica Marcum and Mary Jo Lee. Key topics include:

  • Funding Flow
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Management

August 28, 2015 – 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. EST – ICADV, Indianapolis IN
This session will provide you with information on the most common federal and state grants available. Presented by a representative of Clifton Larson. Key topics include:

  • Nonprofit Finance
  • Cost Allocation
  • Budgeting
  • Document Retention
  • Preparing for an audit

October or November – To be determined
Last but not least, this wrap-up session will provide you with an overview on the big picture. Key topics include:

  • Developing Policies and Procedures
  • Working with your Board of Directors
  • Working with Legislators and Media
  • Strategic Fundraising

Possible Presenters: Mary Jo Lee and Laura Berry

Overwhelmed; Over Stressed; Over the Counter Meds and the Harm They May Do
Facilitated by Dr Carla Gaff Clark
This workshop will focus heavily on a disorder that many say is the result of modern life, stress, exhaustion and depression. Chronic Stress Disorder has to do with our constantly being on the go, perhaps over-worked and not finding enough down time. Many folks then start feeling aches and pains as well as being more moody. What happens next, well, for many consumers, they mistakenly assume that OTC drugs can do no harm. But when improperly used, these medicines are lethal, killing hundreds of Americans and causing tens of thousands of hospitalizations every year according to federal data. To register for any session, please contact the individual listed as the contact person for the host agency. Any questions regarding the training location or specific agenda can be directed to that person. Any questions about the training in general, please feel free to contact Caryn.

• Know the various types of “too much”
• Know the difference between Chronic Stress and other types
• Know physical illnesses associated with Chronic Stress
• Know the effect on your emotional self
• Know where depression and exhaustion fit into Chronic stress

Evansville; Wednesday, June 10, 12 – 2 pm; YWCA of Evansville, 118 Vine St, Evansville; Hosted by YWCA Evansville; Mary at 812-422-1191

Bloomington; Thursday, June 11, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm; Monroe Co Public Library, 303 E Kirkwood Ave, Rm 1-C, Bloomington; Hosted by Middle Way House; Debra M at 812-337-4510

Sellersburg; Tuesday, June 16, 10 am – 12:30 pm; Location available upon registration; Hosted by The Center for Women & Families; Shelley at 812-944-6743

Lafayette; Wednesday, June 17, 1 – 4 pm; YWCA of Greater Lafayette, 605 N 6th St, Lafayette; Hosted by YWCA DVIPP; Allison at 765-423-4486

Decatur; Monday, June 22, 12 – 3 pm; Adams Co Memorial Hospital, 1100 Mercer Ave, Decatur; Hosted by Adams Wells Crisis Center, Inc.; Angie at 877-728-9800

Indianapolis; Tuesday, June 23, 1 – 4 pm; The Julian Center, 2011 N Meridian St, Indianapolis; Hosted by The Julian Center; Linda at

Salem/ Paoli; Wednesday, June 24, 1 – 4 pm; PACT Youth Services Bureau, 196 S Court St, Paoli; Hosted by Hoosier Hills PACT; Suetta at 812-723-2621

Greencastle; Thursday, June 25, 9 am – 12 pm; Putnam Co Library, 103 E Poplar, Kiwannis Room, Greencastle; Hosted by Putnam Co Family Support Services; Elizabeth at 765-653-4820

Columbus; Friday, June 26, 1 – 4 pm; United Way of Bartholomew Co, 1531 13th St, Columbus; Hosted by Turning Point Domestic Violence Services; Haley or Jessica at 812-379-5575 X 217

Crown Point; Tuesday, June 30, 1 – 4 pm; Bethel Church, 10202 Broadway St, Crown Point; Hosted by St Jude House; Joy at 219-662-7066

** All times are local